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Family Law Education for Women


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THRIVE Coalition

Community Justice Program


  • 1993: initiated passage of criminal harassment (stalking) legislation
  • 1997: participated in legislative consultations to protect womenís records in sexual assault cases
  • 1998: granted standing at the Coronerís inquest into the murder of Arlene May
  • 2000-2001: partnered with Toronto Police Service to host educational conferences on criminal harassment/stalking
  • 2005-2006: participant in successful initiatives to end use of religious arbitration in Ontario family law matters
  • 2009: relaunched the Ontario Women's Justice Network website


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Access to Justice projects

Funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario, these projects focus on creating diverse partnerships across the province and the development of relevant, accessible legal information for Aboriginal women, women experiencing workplace violence and criminalized and imprisioned women. New materials created out of these projects can be found on the resources page.

Family Law Education for Women (FLEW)

The Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) campaign provides you with plain language, easy-to-read information on womenís rights under Ontario family law. Legal information is available in many languages and formats and covers topics such as:

  • finding help with your family law problem
  • working with a lawyer
  • marriage and divorce
  • alternative dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration
  • child custody and access, child support, child protection
  • issues for immigrant, refugee and non-status women
  • property division
  • domestic contracts
  • spousal support

Specific legal information is available for Aboriginal women, Francophone women, Muslim women, Jewish women, women with disabilities and deaf women.

METRAC manages the FLEW campaign and works with an Advisory Council on its content.

Ontario Women's Justice Network

The Ontario Women's Justice Network (OWJN) is a website for you to get information on legal issues that affect women and youth who experience violence. It helps individuals and service providers better understand the Canadian justice system and legal challenges faced by diverse women and youth experiencing violence. Itís for all women and youth, including those who are immigrants and refugees, Transgender and living in rural and urban communities. OWJN provides legal information on many areas such as criminal law, family law, human rights law and immigration law. It covers topics like:

  • sexual assault
  • stalking/criminal harassment
  • domestic violence
  • sexual harassment and gender-based harassment
  • workplace harassment
  • child custody and access
  • sponsorship breakdown
  • divorce
  • division of property
  • spousal support
  • finding and working with a lawyer
  • mediation and arbitration

Partnership with WilDAF-Ghana

Partnership with WilDAF-Ghana

A partnership was founded with Women in Law and Development in Africa in Ghana (WilDAF-Ghana) with funding from Canadian Crossroads International-Carrefour canadien international. Cross-country learning and legal reform projects are being pursued through this exciting multi-year project.

Legal information workshops

Request a legal information workshop or presenter

METRAC is a leader in legal information on violence against women. We offer workshops to support frontline service providers who deal with women experiencing violence, whether or not it is the primary mandate of an organization. Workshops are 2 hours long, highly interactive, tailored and can be grouped together to meet your needs. Participants receive take-away resources.