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Family Law Education for Women


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THRIVE Coalition


The Community Safety Program provides training, workshops and educational resources on personal and community safety. It supports implementation of METRACís Safety Audit Process in neighbourhoods, public spaces, campuses, institutions and workplaces. The Safety Audit is a tool to evaluate spaces from the standpoint of women and other vulnerable groups.

The Community Justice Program provides easy-to-understand, accessible legal information, workshops and training for diverse women and service providers. It examines how legislation and legal practices impact diverse women, youth and children, especially those experiencing violence. The Ontario Women's Justice Network and Family Law Education for Women are both administered by this program.

The Community Outreach and Education Program reaches out to diverse communities with innovative public education initiatives that address and challenge violence against women, youth, and children. Respect in Action (ReAct), our youth violence prevention program, is an important public education initiative.

METRAC supports Thrive, the Multicultural Women's Coalition Against Violence and Oppression, a coalition of agencies and individuals working together to respond to violence against racialized women and their communities.