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Thrive Coalition

THRIVE, the Multicultural Women’s Coalition Against Violence and Oppression, is a coalition of diverse women advancing a movement to end violence and oppression against racialized women and their communities by:

  • developing analyses and strategies to combat violence against racialized women and
  • providing training, community-based research and political advocacy with and for racialized women.

Contact: 416-397-0258 |

Vision statement

THRIVE works actively for social change through violence prevention to end systemic forms of violence, including oppression based on gender, race, sexuality, ability, class, age, faith, immigration status, education, poverty, language and imperialism.

THRIVE works actively against gendered forms of violence which include the silencing of women generally, and the specific silencing of women of colour and Aboriginal women, Queer women, Trans people, working-class women, women with disabilities, young women, immigrant, refugee, and non-status women and other socially and politically disadvantaged groups of women.

THRIVE works actively towards the creation of a non-violent environment that supports the development of anti-oppressive attitudes, behaviours and practices.

THRIVE works to facilitate communication between individuals, community organizations and policy makers concerned about the struggles for equality of all women and to end violence against all women.


THRIVE members are committed to being actively and consistently involved in THRIVE meetings, trainings and/or project work. They directly set the agenda of what the coalition does.

THRIVE members can be individuals or part of an organization. They are asked to make a commitment to being involved with THRIVE for a period of two years.


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Ripples of Voices: Waves of Change Project

Listen to and download Ripples of Voices: Waves of Change tracks now

Ripples of Voices: Waves of Change is a 2012 THRIVE initiative, funded by Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council. It engaged marginalized and racalized women and transpeople in Toronto and opened a space for them to express their ideas about systemic violence. Participants worked together to create a CD, launched on December 7, 2012 in honour of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence campaign.

Fabric of Violence: Fabricating Change Project

Fabricating Change is a THRIVE initiative led between 2010 and 2011, funded by Toronto Arts Council. Women and transpeople in Toronto created unique fabric art to express impacts of violence on their lives and ideas for a violence-free future. Several arts workshops were held and gallery openings and displays during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence campaign featured these original works of community art.

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